The Management

NOLAN PIDOR, President and CEO

Nolan Pidor acquired his MBA degree from the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in Manila, Philippines. After graduation from the AIM, he migrated to the USA where he got involved in residential real estate in Florida and New Jersey for over twenty years. He then established Rymek Enterprises Inc which recruited over 500 international healthcare professionals and placed them for permanent employment in hospitals and long-term care facilities in over 35 states of the USA. The opportunity to establish a global distribution company came with the exclusive rights to market patented American cosmetic products to the ASEAN region and certain selected countries.



EMMA P. PIDOR, Vice President

Emma P. Pidor is, by profession, a Registered Nurse. She finished her BS in Nursing at Velez College of Nursing in Cebu City, Philippines. A couple of years after graduation, she migrated to the USA where she has been practicing her nursing profession for the past forty years. She worked for hospitals and long-term care facilities in Florida and New Jersey. For several years, as Director of Recruiting of Rymek Enterprises Inc, she was responsible for identifying and recruiting international healthcare professionals. She helped them acquire US healthcare licenses as a prerequisite to acquiring US green cards.